Los Remedios: The Healing Herbs

The Healing Herbs, is the first in a series on alternative medicine by Kenny Ausubel. This charming general introduction to herbology depicts the traditional use of herbal medicine in the Southwestern US. It includes interviews with a Hispanic curandera and herbal author Michael Moore (Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West) and a sympathetic physician.

The Troubling Case of Harry Hoxsey,

by Kenny Ausubel. This in-depth article (New Age Journal, 1988) reveals the true story of Harry Hoxsey, whose promising herbal cancer remedy was banned in the US without a fair scientific test. The article is a gripping account of the menacing medical politics of obstructing alternative therapies, plus an interview with former US Representative Claudine Schneider, "The Politics of Alternative Medicine".
Cancer "cures", An Outbreak of Controversy,
by Kenny Ausubel. Named along with the Hoxsey film for the prestigious "Best Censored Stories" journalism award (1990), this hard-hitting cover story (New Age Journal, 1989) exposes the "quackbuster" attempt to sabotage the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment review of alternative therapies. It duscusses the most prominent complementary cancer therapies worthy of scientific study.

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