"Fascinating, intelligent and a riveting slice of Americana"

- Fox Broadcasting

"Brilliant . . . highly recommended"

- Video Librarian

"First-rate reportage whose true subject is greed and money as they have shaped medical politics."

- NY Times

"Alarming, sometimes exhilarating, frequently campy and as fitfully wacky as Harry Hoxsey himself."

-Washington Post

Pick of the Week
"Hoxsey might save your life, but above all offers hope"

- LA. Weekly

"Critics Choice - Fascinating and provocative"

- Chicago Reader

"Patients should be given Hoxsey's story after every medical consultation diagnosing cancer, so they may make their own choice.

- Jonathan Collin, M.D. Townsend Letter for Doctors

"Excellent, really well put together and thought provoking"

- Dr. Bernie Siegel author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

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